“We recently contracted with Harris Connect for their PGConnectSM services to help secure planned gifts for RPI. As with any higher education institution, we were a bit reluctant to hand over our most loyal donors to a third party. However, when Harris Connect shared the details of how they conduct this program, the tenure of their planned giving communicators who make those first phone calls, the background and experience of their planned giving specialists, plus their successes with other prestigious organizations, we felt we had to move forward with a program. After identifying 20 new or previously unknown estate gifts, we are thrilled with the results and delighted with how well Harris Connect’s communicators stewarded our donors. It was just like they were an extension of Rensselaer staff. We couldn’t be happier with this program!

“Even more - I’m following up with another 104 people who said they would consider including Rensselaer in their plans in the future. Based on our average gift amount, this could possibly lead to several million dollars in new gifts!”

Art Tracy, Director of Gift Planning, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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